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27 Apr 2020

Episode 15: Employment Considerations For Your PPP Loan

The CARES Act, and in particular the Payroll Protection Program, incen...

22 Apr 2020

Episode 14: Is Using Your IRA to Fund Your Business A Viable Option?

The CARES Act includes a provision allowing people to withdraw funds f...

20 Apr 2020

Episode 13: PPP Round 2 - How To Prepare Today To Ensure Your Business Gets Funded

While Congress appears poised to release additional funding for the PP...

15 Apr 2020
COVID19 | 1 min read

Episode 12: New Guidance for Self Employed and Independent Contractors

The SBA just issued new guidance on how sole proprietors and independe...

10 Apr 2020
COVID19 | 2 min read

SPECIAL EPISODE: PPP Calculations, Affiliation Rules, and Key Updates

As recent as April 8, the Treasury Department has released new and imp...

02 Apr 2020

Episode 10: Should Government Contractors Avoid PPP Loans?

There are some concerns that Government Contractors may open themselve...

31 Mar 2020

Episode 9: Updated Terms for Payroll Protection Program Loans

Just In! Treasury Dept releases information clarifying the terms of th...

29 Mar 2020
COVID19 | 4 min read

Episode 8: Payroll Protection Program - Loan Terms

Now that the new CARES Act has been signed into law, what terms can yo...

29 Mar 2020
COVID19 | 4 min read

Episode 7: Payroll Protection Program - Loan Amounts

How much can you expect to receive if you apply for a loan under the n...

24 Mar 2020
COVID19 | 3 min read

Episode 6: Shedding Light on SBA Disaster Loan Terms

How long do you have to pay back your SBA Disaster Loan? What's the in...