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Jenn Loges

For over 15 years I have helped more than 5,000 businesses secure over $100 million in capital for start-up costs, expansions, real estate purchases, equipment, working capital and many more. In 2010 I co-founded One Degree Capital with one goal in mind: to be the nation’s most trusted advisor to small business owners. Looking to grow your business? Not sure what route is best? Let’s talk and figure it out together!
31 Mar 2020

Episode 9: Updated Terms for Payroll Protection Program Loans

Just In! Treasury Dept releases information clarifying the terms of th...

29 Mar 2020

Episode 8: Your Loan Terms Under CARES Act

Now that the new CARES Act has been signed into law, what terms can yo...

29 Mar 2020

Episode 7: Your Loan Amount Under CARES Act

How much can you expect to receive if you apply for a loan under the n...

24 Mar 2020

COVID Business Impact: SBA Disaster Loan Terms - What To Expect

How long do you have to pay back your SBA Disaster Loan? What's the in...

23 Mar 2020

COVID Business Impact Update: How Much To Apply For On Your Disaster Loan Application

One of the most common questions we are receiving today regarding the ...

20 Mar 2020

COVID Business Impact Update: 5 Things To Do Now

As we head into the weekend, here are 5 things every business owner ca...

20 Mar 2020

COVID Business Impact Update: Income Tax

New updates regarding Federal Income Tax deadlines and Virginia Income...

20 Mar 2020

COVID Business Impact Update: Sales Tax

The Governor of Virginia just announced important updates to the Virgi...

18 Mar 2020

SBA Disaster Loans: What Every Business Owner Needs To Know

Questions about the SBA Disaster Relief Loan Program? You are not alon...

01 Nov 2018
Finance Strategy | 2 min read

How Valuable Are Your Accounts Receivable?

If "cash is king" then receivables would be the dashing young prince c...