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Rod Loges

Since starting my first business in college I have learned that it takes tenacity, courage and just a little bit of "crazy" to start your own business. In all my prior business ventures securing the right kind of capital for what my business needed was always a challenge. In 2010 I founded One Degree Capital to help other business owners get the "right capital at the right time" for their unique business needs.
05 Feb 2016
Rod's Rambles | 3 min read

Lessons in Perseverance From My College Keg Business

When I tell people about One Degree Capital, I often hear things like ...

03 Feb 2016
Rod's Rambles | 3 min read

Pies and Wine So Good, Mom’s Has a Great Business Plan

There is a perfectly logical reason for the location of Mom’s Apple Pi...

20 Jan 2016
Rod's Rambles | 3 min read

To Compete with Big Box Stores, Your Business Should Be Creative and Unique

In today’s “big box” retail world how do small business owners stand o...

13 Jan 2016
Rod's Rambles | 2 min read

Local Beans, Great Atmosphere Key to Manassas Coffee Shop Success

This post is part of a series, "Rod's Rambles," where Rod travels the ...

06 Jan 2016
Rod's Rambles | 3 min read

Building a Business is a Team Effort - With a Little Help From Our Friends

My first lesson in the value of mentors came early – and hard. On July...

30 Dec 2015
Rod's Rambles | 2 min read

How Knowing 'Why' Led Website Developer WIX to $1 Billion

Five, four, three, two, one… Happy New Year! Well, almost! The New Yea...

30 Dec 2015
Rod's Rambles | 1 min read

Sharing is Caring: How Businesses Can Give Back to Charities

One day not long ago a Dad was getting his daughters ready for school,...

06 Jul 2015
Rod's Rambles | 1 min read

Online Lenders Missing More Than Their Stock Targets

I can hear the raspy voice of my Grandpa Loges now: "Rod, you can't em...