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The September 2016 ADP National Franchise Report revealed franchise corporations added 26,000 jobs to our economy. While this amount is up from August's jobs figure of 19,100, it is well below the 33,600 jobs franchises added one year ago.

In all, the franchise growth rate year-over-year stands at 3.9%.

Franchises cover a wide range of industries including restaurants, auto dealers, gas stations, personal services, business services, real estate, professional services, rentals, education, and hotels among others.


ADP Franchise Report Sep 2016 Source: ADP Franchise Report Sep 2016



Here is a look at some of the report highlights (link to full report at bottom):


Restaurants make up a whopping 72% of the employment figures, adding 18,800 jobs in September. By comparison, the next highest category – Auto Dealers – contributed just 14% to the monthly growth.


The only double-digit gainer year-over-year is the Personal Services industry, at 14.5%. In this category restaurants come in a distant second, at just 5.8%.


The hotel industry has constantly shown anemic numbers, including negative growth in 4 of the past 9 months.


View Full Report Here

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